About Us

Victoptics, a product of Vector Optics.

Victoptics is equipped with advanced facilities for optics manufacturing. Particular dust-free rooms are for optics assembling. CNC is for a wide range of metal parts production. New products from concept to birth often take 6-12 months after R & D design, engineering, test and production. As a mature enterprise, Vector Optics owns and operates a distribution center with over 5000 Sq feet office and warehouse space. The assembly line in good order ensures that the products are well produced at a steady rate for your guns and firearms.

Victoptics always offers you the best way to reach or even beyond your expectation. We have a great reputation in OEM / ODM engineering and production.We comprehend and own what it takes to work with OEM accomplices. Your demands, preparation, customization and details, everything can be depended on the strongest support from us.

We promise to customize and experience transaction management to cooperate with you to investigate and select the best projects for your region through different environment. Up to now, our products can be ordered from more than dozens of platforms and they are still growing. Every detail of our product packaging is well designed with continuous experience to ensure that every product can be smoothly delivered to your hands.

Enjoy Victoptics enjoy your shooting.